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Gender Theory

Gender theory is the idea that a person’s feeling of being masculine, feminine, or neither, is more important than their physical sexed body, and those feelings should take precedence in law and in everyday life. Without any public consultation, this belief has taken hold in our institutions – education, health, sport, justice – and is causing widespread and sometimes irreversible harm to children, women, and lesbians.


Here are some FAQs  about gender ideology to get you started.

Below are some FAQS about Relationships and Sexuality Education in NZ schools and your rights as a parent. 

Go to the Schools tab to find out what is being taught in NZ schools, and to read our alternative lesson plans. 

Click on the Parent Power tab to find out how you can challenge this ideology in your child's school. 

Read RGE's substack articles for the latest information. 

Below you will find information, evidence, facts, studies, testimonies, and support groups, that will help you to better understand and counter the harmful effects of transgenderism.

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