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A new organisation called Inflection Point organised a conference in Wellington on 18 May “for New Zelanders who want the Government to stop gender indoctrination and medicalisation of our children.” Attendees reported an invigorating afternoon with speakers as diverse as Jan Rivers, Ro Edge, Di Landy, Brian Tamaki and Bob McCoskrie from New Zealand, and Mia Hughes, Jennifer Bilek and Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull speaking via Zoom. All of the speeches are now online here. In particular, we highly recommend the speeches of three of RGE’s supporters: Jan Rivers, Katherine Chua, and Ro Edge.

Andrew Doyle's video explaining social contagion. Andrew is a UK journalist and the host of '"Free Speech Nation" on GB News.

Interview on Reality Check Radio Maree Buscke spoke to Fern Hickson on 29 May about gender ideology in schools and how parents can counter it.

A motion to implement the Cass Review in Scotland was debated in the Scottish Parliament on 8 May. Many excellent speeches are contained in this video of the debate.

Interview on the Platform Leah Panapa spoke to Fern Hickson on 1 May about the RSE Guide and Resist Gender Education's Open Letter to the Minister of Education.

In this interview on the Platform on March 27, Sean Plunket interviews Sunita Torrance, the founder of Rainbw Storytime in libraries, who admits that drag queens parody women and act as the clown in their events.

In this 22 minute presentation, Professor Sallie Baxendale, a UK Consultant Neuropsychologist, describes the effect of puberty on the brain and cites studies showing lower IQ scores for participants who have taken puberty blockers.

RGE on The Platform.Our spokesperson, Fern Hickson, was interviewed by Sean Plunket on 23 January about why RGE supports the government's plan to replace the RSE Guide and the major changes that are needed. [Correction: Rose Hipkins works for NZCER not The Education Institute.]

Child Psychiatrist, Dr Miriam Grossman (author of 'Lost in Transnation') has excellent advice for parents in this interview by Matt Walsh.

In this outtake from an upcoming series "Uncomfortable Truths: The Reality of Gender Identity Ideology", Helen Joyce comments on the "dishonest and irresponsible" parents quoted in the book, "The Transgender Child".

In a BBC Newsnight report, a re-analysis of a landmark study about the efficacy of puberty blockers shows the mental health of 34% of the children deteriorated after 12 months of puberty blockers and 27% stayed the same.

Helen Joyce speaks with Sean Plunket on the Platform.

De-transitioning documentary. (link to full version) In what is billed as “the most controversial Spotlight story this year”, which aired on 3 September, Australian channel 7 News spoke to parents, doctors, and detransitioners and asked the question: “Is a generation being brainwashed?”

In these two 5-10 minute interviews from the documentary, Dr Jillian Spencer and Dr Dylan Wilson decry the ‘gender affirmation only’ model of care.

In this interview with Peter Boghossian, Helen Joyce discusses how trans identification is a culture-bound syndrome— created by one culture and not present in another. She also explained why parents who have transed their kids will be the ones who must keep fighting until their dying breath to destroy the recognition of the two sexes as legal categories, otherwise they must admit thay have done something terrible to their own children.

Richard Dawkins interviews Helen Joyce. They discuss the influence of gender ideology on society and its implications for scientific facts.

Jordan Peterson interviews Helen Joyce. This is the second time Peterson has interviewed her and Helen commented that "The pleasure was in being asked different questions to those that arise during my own self-interrogation and rumination, and that nobody I know personally thinks to ask me either."

The Bad Law Project in the UK is suing the Department for Education for negligence for promoting gender ideology in schools despite its forseeable harms. It is calling for more parents, teachers and detransitioners to join the first ten litigants. The case also seeks to have gender ideology properly defined in law to expose its political extremism.

Listen here to Marg Curnow on the Pendulum Channel on Voice Media.

Brandubh a secondary school student, speaks out on gender ideology teaching in Ireland and is damning of her school and her fellow students. “I was not an activist when I started at that school, but I definitely am now,” she says.

RGE’s spokesperson, Marg Curnow, spoke on our behalf at a rally outside Parliament on 8 June and on Reality Check Radio on 31 May.

Stella O'Malley, psychotherapist and Director of Genspect provides an introduction to the issues for schools here. Genspect advocates for a "cautious, gentle, compassionate and understanding approach."

Scott Newgent, a woman who has medically and surgically transitioned to a transman, speaks to a US press conference to “put an end to the idea that medically transitioning children is about human rights. It is not. It is about money.”

How was I supposed to know?

“How was I supposed to know?” This is the sorrowful question from Chloe Cole, an 18 year old from California who has reclaimed her womanhood after identifying as a male for six years. Unfortunately, those six years have left an indelible mark on her body - her voice is permanently deepened by the testosterone she started taking at the age of 13, she had her breasts removed at 15, and, at 18, she suffers from the sexual dysfunction that is normally associated with menopause.  

As with so many other trans-identifying teenage girls, Chloe’s normal adolescent struggles were diagnosed as gender dysphoria without proper investigation of other potential causes for her unhappiness, and hormones were prescribed immediately. In this informative interview with Chloe, Jordan Peterson says:

Well consent has to be documented but it also has to be informed and informed means you have to understand what you are consenting to. You needed to be walked through in great detail all of the issues that were relevant to you on the psychological and medical front, all of the options that were available to you, and the pros and cons of all those options. I can’t see in any possible way that that could have been done with any degree of thoroughness in something under six months of weekly therapy and I would say that’s an absolute minimum to walk anyone through something as complicated as what you laid out. 

Detransition: The Wounds That Won't Heal | Chloe Cole | EP 319

This is a two hour video in which Peterson discusses Chloe’s case in depth. For shorter viewing, click on the link under the image for 25 key moments from the interview. 

What’s causing the trans explosion?

In this hour long interview on Triggernometry, Helen Joyce explains why “Gender dysphoria is something that society creates” and what led her to write her book Trans: When ideology meets reality. 

RGE Presentation to CATA conference

View the presentation made to the CATA conference in August 2022 on behalf of Resist Gender Education. Read the transcript.

Sex education gets extreme

This 25 minute Family First video analyses the MOE relationships and sexuality education guidelines, and takes a close look at Family Planning’s “Navigating the Journey” programme that is used in many NZ schools.

The Trans Train and Transgender Regret Documentaries - Bayswater Support

Investigative journalists in Sweden have now produced three reports looking at the treatment given to those who seek gender transition, and who later regret their decision. All three parts are in Swedish with English subtitles.

Mission: Investigate: Trans Children

In this 2021 Swedish documentary with English subtitles the investigative journalist finds “case after case of irreversible treatment of young people gone wrong”, including a 15 year old who has constant pain from severely reduced bone density after being on puberty blockers for four years. “Those with the ultimate responsibility blame each other.”

Trans Kids: It’s Time to Talk

In this acclaimed Channel 4 (UK) documentary, Stella O'Malley describes the reality of the trans craze that is afflicting a generation of teens who are simply uncomfortable in their bodies.

Dysphoric: A Four-part Documentary Series - Bayswater Support

This four-part documentary looks at the effect of gender identity ideology on women and girls. It includes interview with illustrative highlights from worldwide media coverage. What is particularly interesting, and discussed virtually nowhere else, is the rise of trans-identification in developing countries.

Controversy brewing over transgender children’s access to puberty blockers

A 2021 NZ documentary from TV3.

Gender: A Wider Lens Podcast – Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayed

O’Malley and Ayed are two practising therapists who explore the concept of gender in a series of episodes with clinicians, academics, transgender people, parents and detransitioners.

Calmversations on Apple Podcasts - with Benjamin A. Boyce

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