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Here are our most recent substack articles, newsletters, and other important news items about gender education.

The intersex red herring. LGBTQI is supposed to be a slogan of kindness, acceptance, and unity. But for those co-opted into the acronym against their will, it signifies the opposite. So how did they get linked together?

Listen up, teacher unions. An open letter to the NZEI and PPTA, to explain why the current RSE Guide must be rewritten.

Cut out the nonsense, Ms Stanford. Our Briefing Document to the new Minister of Education, asking her to cut out the gender ideology nonsense from the RSE Guide.

RGE on The Platform.Our spokesperson, Fern Hickson, was interviewed by Sean Plunket on 23 January about why RGE supports the government's plan to replace the RSE Guide and the major changes that are needed. [Correction: Rose Hipkins works for NZCER not The Education Institute.]

Jaunary 2024 newsletter. While New Zealand has been in holiday mode, in the northern hemisphere a tide of caution, clarity, and common sense is beginning to undermine the pillars of gender extremism.

The War to Annihilate Sex by Arty Morty, a Canadian gender critical activist and gay man, clearly explains the gender debate and why the stakes are so high. "The facts simply don’t lie: there really is a crazy new social-media-fueled quasi-religious movement gaslighting everyone into pretending that sex isn’t real, it’s convinced an entire generation of youth that biological sex is some kind of right wing conspiracy, and it’s convinced parents to subject their children to experimental sex change treatments in an effort to prove that their religion is true."

The statistics we are not allowed to know. If we do not know how many students are affected by transgender ideation, which cohorts or demographics are most affected, and whether or not the numbers are increasing, how can our education system provide the care and support our children (and parents) need?

November 2023 Newsletter (Click to read)

Has Christmas come early? RGE welcomes the Coalition Agreement commitment to remove the ideological RSE Guide.

Push back from parents (and others) A substack covering national and international actions opposing gender ideology.

In this 5 minute video, Abigail Shrier explains the phenomenon of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) and its tragic effects on a generation of (mostly) girls. She says, “Schools can and should insist that every child be treated respectfully without sowing gender confusion in an entire population.”

October 2023 Newsletter (Click to read)

Dealing with the Curriculum. Our substack that explains the curriculum, RSE Guide, and how InsideOut and Family Planning fit into the picture.

Consultation – use it or lose it. What are the legal requirements for schools to consult with parents about the content of relationship and sexuality education? What can parents do if they are dissatisfied with the consultation offered?

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