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Rainbow Teaching in Schools

Some schools may not have teachers instructing students on relationships and sexuality at all, but may instead outsource this teaching to various Rainbow organisations or other groups under the guise of ‘anti-bullying’ or ‘diversity’ classes. Be aware of what these organisations are teaching your children:

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The Birds and the Bees. Our review of this app that is available online to any children and is inappropriately recommended by its developers for children from the age of 12. (Note that the app is not officially used in schools and children can access it from anywhere. )

Guide for gender-diverse students includes subterfuge

This 9 page guide for Hutt Valley High School students who are gender-questioning includes advice on how to change their pronouns at school without alerting their parents (p4.) It supports mandatory use of preferred pronouns (p4) and refers students for further advice to a long list of Rainbow groups where students will receive unquestioning affirmation. (p9)

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When a quarter of the class identifies as trans

This testimonial is from a US school but Aotearoa is on the same trajectory. See our testimonials.

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