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For Parents

Aotearoa Support

A New Zealand support group has been set up for parents who are concerned about medical solutions to treat their gender-questioning children. It is a space where parents can safely share experiences and resources, listen and learn from each other.

Bayswater Support

Bayswater is a UK support group for parents that is wary of medical solutions to gender dysphoria, when exploring gender roles is part of normal child development. It has definitions, FAQs, and parenting tips, including advice for parents of autistic girls.

Our Duty

“Our Duty is to bring our children to adulthood healthy in body and mind.”

This UK group was formed in 2018 to help parents to “know that there are other parents who feel the same as they do – that medical transition is harmful, that there really is no such thing as a transgender child.”

PITT – Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans

PITT is a US parents’ blog on Substack with a free subscription. Here you can read other parents’ experiences and how they navigated transgender identities with their children. Their objective is to inform the public, through their personal stories, of the devastating impact of gender ideology on their families.

Gender Identity Challenge

This is a Scandinavian website, translated into English, where parents and detransitioners provide evidence that transition is not overwhelmingly successful.

Gender Ideologues’ Alarming Campaign to Get Kids While They’re Young by Bernard Lane

“Very young children at school are exposed to influences that may put them on a one-way path to lifelong medicalisation.”

Trans Activism’s Dangerous Myth of Parental Rejection - Quillette

This article discusses the myth of parental rejection often fed to children by trans activists and used as an excuse by schools for hiding gender non-conformity from parents.

Social Transition: A Terrible Idea

In this blog, the author explains why social gender transition is "a modern-day parental choice made on autopilot", and a terrible idea.

Gender Ideology impacting on Parental Rights & Custody - Abigail Shrier

Shrier describes how gender beliefs are being adopted by US courts and parents are paying the price.

Parents Challenge State to Return Transgender Child by Daniel Khmelev

This article tells the story of parents in Australia who are battling for custody of their child after a court ruled them to be “abusive” for refusing to allow their child gender reassignment treatment.

When sons become daughters by Angus Fox.

A seven-part series in Quilette that explores how parents react when a son announces he wants to be a girl.

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