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Substacks we recommend

The War to Annihilate Sex by Arty Morty, a Canadian gender critical activist and gay man. Arty presents both sides of the gender debate and leaves no doubt that "This is an urgent medical and scientific issue."

Resist Gender Education This is where you will find our monthly newsletters and other writing. The links are also available under The Latest.

Arguments with Friends by Laura Lopez (NZ). Laura has a Graduate degree in Psychology and writes “about science, psychology, politics and everything else we love to argue about with our friends”. Her work has been published in Quillette, Reality’s Last Stand, and The Platform as well as on the RGE website.

Laura raises questions on some issues she thinks NZ schools should be considering in her article Preventing foreseeable harm: The UK Attorney General lays out a safer pathway for New Zealand schools to follow'.

What Schools are teaching our kids about Gender. "It's not about acceptance, it's about compliance."

What Hutt Valley High School is teaching kids about sex. This New Zealand school hosts a club for sharing advice on breast binding and cross-sex hormones.

Gender Clinic News by Bernard Lane. Lane is an Australian journalist, covering the international debate about gender clinics. He says the issues are “fundamental to a healthy society, yet most mainstream media has missed the story or worse, engaged in uncritical promotion of medicalised gender change.”

The small study that lauched a big experiment in gender change.

Unlawful. In this article, Bernard Lane describes how the NZ Ministry of Health was warned by Medsafe in September 2022 it could be breaking the law by publicising the off-label use of puberty blockers for children.

Blowback. Here, Bernard Lane provides an excellent analysis of the battle over new laws regarding transgender issues in the US and how “The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and American medical societies have sacrificed child safety and standards of scientific evidence in pursuit of fashionable causes and financial self-interest.”

Joyce Activated Issue 51 by Dr Helen Joyce. In this open to the public article, Helen describes the harms of gender ideology and how proposed hate speech laws will silence any opposition. “It’s particularly harmful to children, because children believe what adults tell them. They’re suggestible, their identities are still in formation, and the idea that you can really be a member of the opposite sex is a seductive one for quite a lot of them. Disproportionately the ones who are going to grow up gay, the ones who have autistic-spectrum disorders, the anxious or self-harming or depressed ones, the ones who are being abused.

Reality’s Last stand by Colin Wright. Colin is a biologist who writes about the sex binary and provides weekly news, articles, and recommended reading lists on the biology of sex , gender ideology, Critical Social Justice, free speech, and related topics.  

How to make a trans kid.

Don’t take Pride in promoting Pseudoscience. The distinction between sex and gender must first be disentangled. The term “sex” signifies whether a person is male or female, a categorization rooted in objective reproductive biology. Conversely, gender' is usually characterized by notions of masculinity and femininity or the social roles, behaviors, and expressions traditionally linked to sex.

Also writing on Reality's Last Stand is Leor Sapir, a Fellow at the Manhattan Institute specialising in civil rights regulation and gender identity policies.

On gender the AAP has chosen Ideology over Science.

The Truth Fairy by Abigail Shrier (author of "Ireversible Damage" - see below)

Should public schools be allowed to deceive parents?

Top trans doctors blow the whistle on sloppy care

How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids

Gender Ideology impacting on Parental Rights & Custody

PITT - Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans. Heartfelt testimonials from parents whose children have been caught up in the gender cult.

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