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Lesson Plans

In consultation with parents and teachers, we have created some suggested lesson plans for each Curriculum Level to provide guidance in how to approach teaching relationships and sexuality in a way that provides accurate and age-appropriate information for students.

Our resources confirm that mammals have two sexes – male and female – but only humans have gender which is the particular way that males and females are expected to behave according to their culture and time. Although a person may change their gendered behaviour, their sex persists throughout life.

We use body positivity principles. We support the rights of individuals to express themselves as they wish, to be treated with sympathy and care, and not to be taught that their personality or their body is wrong and in need of changing. We do not reinforce harmful stereotypes, for instance by affirming that children might be a different sex based on their hobbies or the clothes they prefer to wear. While boys and girls may dress, behave, and have interests as they wish, the sex they were born as remains the same.

Download our lesson plans below

RSE CL1 Lesson Plans
RSE_CL1_Lesson_Plans final
Download PDF • 232KB

RSE CL2 Lesson Plans

RSE_CL2_Lesson_Plans final
Download PDF • 192KB

RSE CL3 Lesson Plans

RSE CL3 Lesson Plans
Download PDF • 218KB

RSE CL4 Lesson Plans

RSE_CL4_Lesson_Plans final
Download PDF • 230KB

RSE CL5 Lesson Plans

RSE_CL5_Lesson_Plans final
Download PDF • 271KB

Question Flowchart
RSE Question Flowchart
Download PDF • 221KB

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