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What are your kids reading?

Do the books in your child’s school library include a wide range of girl and boy characters with girls who are strong and independent and boys who show gentleness and compassion?

Do the stories build positive attitudes to girls’ and boys’ bodies, or do they foster body dissociation by saying bodies ought to be altered to match sex stereotypes?

Do the plotlines assert that children can actually change sex and it is easy, desirable, and ‘cool’ to do so? Are the books telling confused children that they can find their “authentic selves” through medical intervention?

There is a plethora of children’s and Young Adult books now in schools that refer to gender identity, pronouns, LGBTQ+, transgender, or non-binary, and are drenched in gender ideology. They deny there are two sexes and that we are born male or female. Instead, they claim, we are assigned sex at birth and that it is liberating to claim a different ‘gender identity’.

Here we list some books that DO have a clear-thinking approach to sex and gender and also a few books that should be avoided.

Books with an asterisk are highly recommended - ask the school librarian to purchase them.

Positive books for Primary Students

Positive books for Secondary Students

Books to Avoid

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