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    All our Articles Our content is divided into Information, Schools and Take Action - this page contains it all... Articles, Blogs and Books Become a Parent Advocate Books to avoid Comprehensive Websites Flying Blind For Parents Gender Minorities Aotearoa Gender in Education Get Involved InsideOUT Lesson Plans Mates & Dates Ministry Guide promotes body dissociation Navigating the Journey News Positive books for primary students Positive books for secondary students Rainbow Teaching in Schools Relationship and Sexuality Education – an Alternative Sex is Real Social transitioning is not a good idea The Truth About Transgender Medicine Therapists Speaking Out Updates Videos and Podcasts What are your kids reading? White Ribbon Toolbox Your Rights as a Parent Your Rights as a Teacher

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    Resist Gender Education In 2020, the Ministry of Education released a new ‘Relationships and Sexuality Education’ curriculum guide for all students from Year 1 through to Year 13. Read our critique here. This guide introduces students as young as five years old to the concept and topics of sexuality and gender and teaches them that sex is a spectrum and not binary. Schools have a lot of flexibility in how they can teach the content in this guideline, however it frequently references and steers teachers towards organisations that are quite extreme in their beliefs about sex and gender. We believe that this subject matter is not age-appropriate for young children and has the potential to cause harm. Many schools may adopt these guidelines without understanding the full implications of the gender theory they are based on. Even more concerning, schools are increasingly feeling entitled to affirm a child’s gender transition, sometimes without informing parents or seeking their consent and sometimes in spite of parents’ objections. Your Rights as a Parent Parents have the right to opt their children out of specified parts of the health curriculum related to sexuality. Parents have the responsibility of making major decisions on behalf of their children. But some schools have policies and practices that evade these parental rights and responsibilities. Read More Get Involved While it is important to engage with your child’s school, it is also important to talk to other parents about your concerns. You will be surprised how many parents are unaware that gender theory is being taught in NZ schools from the age of five. Read More Become a Parent Advocate Firstly, find out what your child is being taught about relationships and sexuality. It is important to read the school’s policy, and also understand the individual stance of your child’s teacher. Where schools have engaged an outside organisation to provide the lessons, parents should ask to view the content. Read More Your Rights as a Teacher The Ministry of Education endorses the idea that being transgender is a positive and ‘authentic’ choice for young children to make. As a teacher, what can you do if you disagree and don’t want to teach children that sex is on a spectrum and can be changed at will? Read More

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    What is happening in New Zealand Schools? Across the world and right here in New Zealand, more and more schools are incorporating gender theory into the school curriculum. Many schools in New Zealand have been teaching gender theory either directly or through third party ‘Rainbow’ organisations for several years. In 2020, the Ministry of Education released a new ‘Relationships and Sexuality Education’ curriculum guideline for all students from Year 1 to Year 13. We have collected here some of the many testimonials of concern about the effects of gender theory teaching in NZ schools. Ministry Guide promotes body dissociation The Ministry of Education’s official guide to teaching about relationships and sexuality is awash with gender identity beliefs. Many New Zealand schools are now constantly promoting, in every facet of school life, the disorder of body dissociation as an ideal, chosen identity. Read More Rainbow Teaching in Schools Some schools may outsource sexuality teaching to various Rainbow organisations under the guise of ‘anti-bullying’ or ‘diversity’ classes. Parents need to be aware of these organisations, the content of the courses they provide, and the influence they are having on children. Read More Relationship and Sexuality Education – an Alternative We all agree that young people need truthful and positive education about their bodies, sexuality, reproduction and contraception. But lately many parents have become concerned about the content of some of the health lessons being provided to their tamariki. Read More Lesson Plans In consultation with parents and teachers, we have created some suggested lesson plans for each Curriculum Level to provide guidance in how to approach teaching relationships and sexuality in a way that provides accurate and age-appropriate information for students. Read More Social transitioning is not a good idea On the surface, social transitioning (choosing a new name and wearing opposite-sex or androgynous clothing) sounds like a harmless thing to go along with but delve a bit deeper and there’s a lot attached to it. Social transitioning may, in reality, make the person’s distress harder to resolve. Read More What are your kids reading? Do the books in your child’s school library include a wide range of characters, with girls who are strong and independent and boys who show gentleness and compassion? Or do they maintain that sex is defined by interests and it is easy and ‘cool’ to change gender? Read More

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    Gender Theory Gender theory is the idea that a person’s feeling of being masculine, feminine, or neither, is more important than their physical sexed body, and those feelings should take precedence in law and in everyday life. Without any public consultation, this belief has taken hold in our institutions – education, health, sport, justice – and is causing widespread and sometimes irreversible harm to children, women, and lesbians. Here are some FAQs to get you started. Below you will find information, evidence, facts, studies, testimonies, and support groups, that will help you to better understand and counter the harmful effects of transgenderism. Comprehensive Websites These websites contain a multitude of resources on every facet of gender identity ideology – from what gender activists believe, to the harms caused by puberty blockers and cross sex hormones, to the scientific and legal facts that are routinely ignored. Read More For Parents When a child, seemingly out of the blue, claims a transgender or non-binary identity, parents can find themselves alone with their questions and misgivings. These websites, set up by parents, provide the information, advice, and support they seek and a place to share their experiences. Read More Therapists Speaking Out Open-ended exploration of a person’s thoughts is the basis of ethical and effective counselling. Many therapists are alarmed by the recent transgender demand that their self-diagnosis and desire to be affirmed in the opposite sex (or with no sex) should be immediately affirmed without question. Read More The Truth About Transgender Medicine There is mounting evidence of the harm being caused by “affirmation only” gender medicine but it is rarely covered in mainstream media, which routinely glamorises the practice. Recently, some transgender medical specialists have joined the voices of detransitioners to call for more careful diagnosis and treatment. Read More Gender in Education Enthusiasm for being kind and inclusive has led schools into promoting gender identity beliefs that guide children into body dysmorphia and isolating online cliques. Many NZ schools are prioritising the beliefs of the very small number of transgender students over the beliefs of the majority. Read More Videos and Podcasts A selection of interesting and relevant videos and podcasts. Read More Sex is Real This video for teens tells the plain truth about sex and sexual orientation. Read More Articles, Blogs and Books A selection of compelling writing about transgender ideas. Excellent articles can also be found in The Times and The Australian, by subscription. Read More

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    Articles, Blogs and Books Laura Lopez raises questions on some issues she thinks NZ schools should be considering in her article 'Preventing foreseeable harm: The UK Attorney General lays out a safer pathway for New Zealand schools to follow' How to make a trans kid - read about it here The small study that lauched a big experiment in gender change. Read more about it in ' Going Dutch' by Bernard Lane here . NHS England Ends the "Gender-Affirmative Care Model" for Youth From the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine Newsletter received 25 October 2022. The NHS has ended “gender-affirming care ” in England for minors, according to the newly-released draft guidance. Psychotherapy will be the first and - usually - only line of treatment. Puberty blockers will be confined to research settings, and social transition will be discouraged for most. The NHS has not made an explicit statement about cross-sex hormones, but signaled that they too will likely only be available in research settings. The guidelines do not mention surgery, as surgery has never been a covered benefit under England’s NHS for minors. SEGM’s analysis is at the link below: Resist Gender Education supports the right of schools to teach according to their special character and we certainly support them in choosing not to teach belief systems as though they are fact. Read our statement here About a girl - by Joanne Horniman. Allen & Unwin (May 1, 2011). A lovely book set in Australia about two girls falling in love. Recommended for those 14 and over. Gender Wars and Sexuality Education in 2021: History and Politics by Sue Middleton published in the New Zealand Journal of educational Studie. The Ministry requires schools to engage in ‘consultation with communities’ on their approach to the ‘sexuality and relationships’ curriculum. Schools have to decide whether to teach, what to teach, when to teach, how to (and how not to teach) sexuality and relationships. Understanding the historical, intellectual, professional and political battles in the ‘gender wars’ should help in these deliberations Questioning the Gender Bender Agenda by Sue Middleton published in Ipu; Kereru; a blog of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education What Schools are teaching our kids about Gender by laura Lopez. It's not about acceptance, it's about compliance Explosion of transgenderism into a social movement - Observations of a Clinical Psychologist by Ellen Kaschak “Transgenderism has become a social movement and no longer only a personal preference or psychological issue… It is destined to affect you personally if it has not already.” No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’ – by W Malone, C Wright & J Robertson This article looks at the normal distribution curve of ‘maleness’ and ‘femaleness’ and concludes that “…telling a child that he or she was born in the wrong body pathologizes ‘gender non-conforming’ behavior and makes gender dysphoria less likely to resolve.” Gender Clinic News by Bernard Lane Lane is an Australian journalist, covering the international debate about gender clinics. He says the issues are “fundamental to a healthy society, yet most mainstream media has missed the story or worse, engaged in uncritical promotion of medicalised gender change.” Irreversible Damage: The transgender craze seducing our daughters by Abigail Shrier Until very recently, gender dysphoria affected only a very small number of people and mainly boys. But suddenly, whole friendship groups of teenage girls are ‘coming out’ as transgender. Shrier, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, has dug deep into the trans epidemic, talking to the girls, their agonized parents, counsellors and doctors, as well as to “detransitioners”— young women who bitterly regret what they have done to themselves. She offers urgently needed advice about how parents can protect their daughters. Abigail Shier also has a Substack: The Truth Fairy and has written: Should public schools be allowed to deceive parents? Top trans doctors blow the whistle on sloppy care How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids Gender Ideology impacting on Parental Rights & Custody Trans: When Ideology Meets reality by Helen Joyce This is a painstakingly researched book about trans activism and every issue related to it. Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism by Kathleen Stock This book thoroughly critiques the theory of gender identity and explains the significance and impact of biological sex, especially on women. Trans: Exploring Gender Identity and Gender Dysphoria by Dr Az Hakeem Hakeem is a clinical psychologist who has assembled contributions from experts to provide a guide to the psychology and everyday reality of gender dysphoria and being trans. Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body by Heather Brunskell-Evans & Michele Moore This book is a collection of essays that argue that it is politics, not science, which accounts for the exponential rise in the number of children diagnosed as transgender by gender identity clinics. Inventing Transgender Children and Young People by Heather Brunskell-Evans & Michele Moore The essays in this volume are written by clinicians, psychologists, sociologists, educators, parents and detransitioners. Contributors demonstrate how transgender children and young people are invented in different medical, social and political contexts.

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    Updates What is the situation in New Zealand in relation to puberty blockers? Read Bernard Lane's review Parents force review of schools trans guidance Read how they did it here Change in approach by the NHS (The Times 25 October) Most children identifying as transgender are simply going through a “transient phase”, new NHS guidance states.Doctors caring for youngsters distressed about their gender have been told that it is not a “neutral act” to help them transition socially by using their preferred new names or pronouns. The draft guidelines say doctors should “carefully explore” all underlying health problems, including mental ill health, amid concerns that the NHS is rushing children on to irreversible puberty-blocker medication. The new “watchful approach” adopted by the NHS is a significant change of course from the “affirmative” approach advocated by campaign groups, including Mermaids. The NHS England document states: “The clinical management approach should be open to exploring all developmentally appropriate options for children and young people who are experiencing gender incongruence, being mindful that this may be a transient phase, particularly for prepubertal children, and that there will be a range of pathways to support these children and young people and a range of outcomes. “A significant proportion of children and young people who are concerned about or distressed by issues of gender incongruence, experience co-existing mental health, neurodevelopmental and/or family or social complexities in their lives. ”The NHS is reviewing its treatment of trans children following a damning interim report by Dr Hilary Cass, a former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. It is shutting the gender identity development service at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in north London after Cass raised concerns that it was not safe.NHS England’s draft guidance states that there is “scarce and inconclusive evidence to support clinical decision-making” for children with gender dysphoria. It stresses that “in most cases gender incongruence does not persist into adolescence” among younger children. “The clinical approach has to be mindful of the risks of an inappropriate gender transition and the difficulties that the child may experience in returning to the original gender role upon entering puberty if the gender incongruence does not persist into adolescence,” it reads.The guidance says that for older teenagers, social transitioning should be considered only as a last resort. It says: “Social transition should only be considered where the approach is necessary for the alleviation of, or prevention of, clinically significant distress or significant impairment in social functioning and the young person is able to fully comprehend the implications ofaffirming a social transition.”The Tavistock clinic will close in spring and care is being handed to regional children’s hospitals that aim to provide a more evidence-based approach and will bring together mental health, autism and hormone treatment services. The new guidelines, which are open for public consultation until December, have been drawn up to provide a model for these new gender services In the UK a cross party Biology Policy Unit has been set up which will help ensure policies across the public sector based on gender Identity theory are scrutinised so that women and children’s rights are not compromised Puberty Suppression: Medicine or Malpractice? Click here to read Dr Dianna Kenny’s answers to questions at the CATA conference Dianna Kenny .pdf Download PDF • 222KB ROGD Awareness Day 16 August Tuesday, August 16 is ‘ROGD Awareness Day’. Amongst all the acronyms for LGBTQIAP2S+ that saturate our media, you could be forgiven for not being familiar with this one. ROGD stands for Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and was coined by Dr Lisa Littman in 2018. It describes the phenomenon she investigated whereby large cohorts of adolescent girls were suddenly identifying as transgender or non-binary, often at the same time. Read more here... Report of the CATA Conference 5 August When the Child and Adolescent Therapist Association (CATA) Conference was first announced there was an immediate outcry from groups that said the conference would be distressing and upsetting to trans people. Although the conference organisers emphasised that its purpose was to “provide accurate information based on science and evidence,” the verbal and physical threats continued, and the Conference was forced to move to a secret location, where it took place without disruption. Read our report here... RGE Presentation to CATA conference View the presentation made to the CATA conference on behalf of Resist Gender Education. FDA Adds Dire Warning to Puberty Blocker Label The US Federal Drug Agency (FDA) has reported that some children who received GnRH agonists (puberty blockers) have experienced a serious side effect which results in elevated spinal fluid pressure in the brain. It is updating the safety labels for the drug. Read more here... The Opinion Stuff Would Not Publish Fern Hickson was offered an 800 word opinion piece by Stuff to counter the misinformation in its 10 June criticism of the upcoming Child and Adolescent Therapists Association conference on the impacts of transgender ideology. That was duly supplied but Stuff’s senior editors refused to print it on the grounds it was “pejorative and prejudiced”, although they did not specify which parts of the carefully referenced writing they objected to. You can read the opinion piece here and try to spot the offending words for yourself. June Newsletter You can read our June Newsletter here . Letter to LIANZA In this letter to the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa we express our disquiet about the recent tour of “Rainbow Storytime” around more than 20 public libraries and ask it, as the professional body for librarians, to withdraw support for this show. An Open Letter to Australia's Doctors Dr Dylan Wilson describes the problems with the gender affirmative pathway for children and why he will never refer a child to the paediatric gender service at his local hospital. Read the letter here Flying Blind Watching the beliefs of gender identity ideology becoming entrenched in our education system has led many parents and teachers to question what rights they have when faced with this ideology. We sent several important questions to a range of government agencies and report here on the dispiriting replies. Opening Pandora’s Box This careful review, written by a parent with a graduate degree in psychology, reveals how the Ministry of Education’s Relationship and Sexuality resources “send messages that create the risks of psychological and physical harms, and encourage schools to keep secrets from parents.”

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    News Dr Sarah Donovan on how the media in New Zealand are letting down the parents of gender questioning children. An update on how Catholic schools in Australia are approaching the ‘gender question’ and discouraging students from seeking ‘gender affirming’ surgery. You can read about it here The video link from the CATA Conference held in Nelson last month is now available. You can listen to all the speakers here Teacher gets $95,000 settlement after being suspended for not using student’s preferred name, pronouns Click to read more. Parents of gender-questioning children being let down In this piercing article, Dr Sarah Donovan asks why New Zealand families are being left in an information vacuum by the lack of reporting by local media of “some pretty extraordinary developments in recent weeks”. Disturbing sex-ed handout Despite being withdrawn from a sexuality class at a Northland school, a 12-year-old girl was given a handout with explicit answers to sexuality questions after the teacher had attended a Family Planning course. Notes from the CATA conference Writing in the Standard, Harriet summarises the presentation made by Irish psychotherapist, Stella O’Malley, to the Child and Adolescent Therapists Association conference in Nelson on 5 August. Tavistock gender clinic to be sued Lawyers expect about 1,000 families to join a medical negligence lawsuit alleging vulnerable children have been misdiagnosed and placed on a damaging medical pathway. More puberty blocker side effects identified The US Federal Drug Agency (FDA) has reported that some children who received GnRH agonists (puberty blockers) have experienced a serious side effect which results in elevated spinal fluid pressure in the brain. It is updating the safety labels for the drug. Gender Identity Service at Tavistock, London, to close On 29 August the UK National Health Service announced that its Gender and Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock Hospital in London is to be closed because the current model of care is leaving young people “at considerable risk” of poor mental health and distress. This closure is a result of the independent review of the service currently being carried out by Dr Hilary Cass. This is of significance to New Zealand because our Ministry of Health still incorrectly advises that puberty blockers are safe and reversible and endorses the same “affirmation only” approach adopted by the GIDs service. The interim Cass report has already criticised the service for not keeping adequate records and for adopting an unquestioning affirmative approach that meant other healthcare issues were sometimes overlooked. Civil Service Groupthink leads to scandal In this article, Kemi Badenoch (until recently, a British cabinet minister) describes how civil service groupthink has led to the medical scandal at the Tavistock Gender Identity Service. “A small minority of activist officials are the tail wagging the dog,” she reports. Much of what she says is applicable to our own government mechanisms. Trans hype is gripping schools This report in the Telegraph exposes schools in the UK that “secretly facilitate their pupils to make major, life-altering decisions while keeping parents in the dark.” Kids bullied for transgender confusion The worrying trend of bullying in schools being carried out by transgender students or their allies is described in this Times article . Safeguarding our Schools Scotland said “the cases it was aware of did not include malicious behaviour towards trans children but involved young people who struggled to understand and accept the decision of their peers to switch gender.” Stuff uses photo maliciously When the upcoming Child and Adolescent Therapists Association (CATA) conference was announced, Stuff published an extremely biased article criticising it. CATA supplied a statement defending its point of view but it wasn’t until nearly three weeks later that Stuff printed parts of the statement , maliciously accompanied by a photo of a burned rainbow flag. What went wrong at the Tavistock clinic for trans teenagers? In this report in the Times, journalist Janice Turner describes how the Tavistock Gender Identity Services (GIDS) clinic in London has become “the most controversial clinic in Britain”, funnelling “distressed, same-sex attracted girls with complex problems” towards a “universal panacea: medical transition”. NZ Poll shows opposition to the teaching of gender ideology A new nationwide poll has found significant opposition to gender ideology being taught to primary school students, and majority support for parents being informed of their own children exhibiting gender dysphoria at school. Transgender Trend founder to receive British Empire Medal Stephanie Davies-Arai, who founded Transgender Trend to campaign against the automatic medicalisation of youth with gender dysphoria, hopes her award will be “a recognition of my work, which has wrongly been called transphobic or bigoted.” The worrying truth of what children are REALLY learning in sex education Milli Hill, a well-known childbirth expert, describes some of the extremist ideas now being taught in UK schools and possibly coming soon to a school near you. Teachers should not pander to trans pupils says the UK Attorney General Suella Braverman said that schools are under no legal obligation to address children by a new pronoun or allow them to wear the school uniform of a different gender. Transition Regret Increasing numbers of detransitioners call into question the ‘Affirmation only’ approach. Transgender identity is rapidly rising and regional A survey in the UK has found that on average 32 children per 100,000 are referred for gender treatment, a more than 15- fold rise since 2010, and that Blackpool has three times the national referral rate. New study lends credibility to concerns about early social transition “Some of the recent news coverage of this study incorrectly stated that the study confirmed that children who claim a transgender identity rarely change their minds… A more accurate statement is that the study suggests that children who claim a transgender identity and undergo early social transition rarely change their minds, at least into their early teen years .” Helen Joyce says our primary kids are being messed up by gender identity lessons. The UK Secretary of Education says parents should be “front and centre” in discussions about sex and gender. His department is preparing guidelines that schools can use to help them deal confidently with questions about gender and sex. The UK Health Secretary , Sajid Javid, has announced an urgent review into gender treatment services for children in England, saying that services in this area were too affirmative and narrow, and “bordering on the ideological”. The Florida Department of Health has issued new guidelines on treating gender dysphoria for children and adolescents which recommends that minors should not be prescribed puberty blockers or hormone therapy. A US Court has found in favour of a university professor who refused to us a student’s preferred pronouns, stating that if “professors lacked free speech protections when teaching, a university would wield alarming power to compel ideological conformity”. A new Ministry of Education (New Zealand) resource was released on 13 April for teaching about gender identity. It recommends InsideOUT and Rainbow Youth as trusted sources of information, and advises that even when parents opt their children out of gender identity lessons, teachers can answer questions on the topic at any time. Ani O’Brien shares an example of a NZ school encouraging students to keep secrets from their parents. Why is rainbow lobby group InsideOUT trying so hard to prevent information about their involvement in schools becoming public? An independent review has highlighted that the quality of care for children with gender dysphoria in England has been unconscionably compromised in recent years, partly as a result of adult affinities to an unevidenced world view.

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    Welcome This website is for everyone, especially parents and teachers who are concerned about the promotion of gender identity ideology in New Zealand schools. On this site you will find information, research and resources for parents and teachers as well as links to other related websites. Who are we? Resist Gender Education is a diverse group of educators who have long-standing interests in international and local practices of inclusive education and student health and wellbeing. As well as being teachers, many of us are mothers and grandmothers and our group also includes members of the rainbow community. What do we stand for? We believe that no child is born in the wrong body. We advocate for the rights of children to reject gender stereotypes and be their authentic selves without discrimination, labelling, or medical intervention to ‘fix’ them. We are non-religious and politically non-partisan. Gender Identity Ideology We do not support replacing the objective reality of biological sex with the subjective idea of ‘gender identity’ as the criteria for being a man or being a woman. ‘Gender identity’ ideology teaches children who don’t conform to masculine or feminine stereotypes that their personalities are ‘wrong’ for their sex, and their bodies are then ‘wrong’ for their gender identity. Acceptance of a boy who likes to play with dolls as a girl is no acceptance at all. Acceptance of a lesbian adolescent girl as a straight boy is no acceptance at all. ‘Affirmation’ of a trans identity is not kind, it affirms to a child that they are the wrong sex and encourages their belief that their body needs to be changed. Medical intervention can only ever effect cosmetic change; the child’s sex remains the same. Other children should not be coerced into expressing a belief in ‘gender identity’ through the threat that not to do so is ‘unkind’ or ‘transphobic’. Science-based Teaching Along with many other groups, we call for factual, science-based teaching in schools and evidence-based healthcare for children and young people suffering gender confusion. All children deserve to be taught scientific facts, not ideology disguised as ‘fact’. Schools should not use resources that confuse children about sex by conflating sex and gender. Boys and girls should be able to wear what they like and have whatever interests they choose, without adult interpretation through the lens of a non-scientific, ideological belief that human beings are born with an innate sense of being male or female, which is inevitably based on sex stereotypes. All children have the right to privacy from the opposite sex in toilets and changing rooms and policy in schools must always put safeguarding first. Evidence-based Healthcare We believe all children and young people deserve treatment based on clinical evidence, not ideology. We advocate for the rights of same-sex attracted young people to grow up as lesbian or gay, without a ‘diagnosis’ that they are really the opposite sex. We promote the right of autistic children and those with mental health problems or background trauma to receive proper therapeutic care, rather than a rushed ‘diagnosis’ that they are really the opposite sex. It is a fundamental human right that all children can go through puberty and reach adulthood with their fertility and sexual function intact. Subscribe to updates Email Subscribe Thanks for subscribing! Please add to your contacts to avoid our newsletters going to spam

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    Become a Parent Advocate Firstly, find out what your child is being taught about relationships and sexuality. It is important to read the school’s policy, and also understand your child’s individual teacher’s stance. A school principal may be quite reserved about gender ideology, only to later realise that one teacher in their school is teaching the RSE guidelines using extreme activist resources direct from an activist group like “Inside Out.” Click here to read our critique Some schools may not have teachers instructing students on relationships and sexuality at all, but may instead outsource this teaching to various Rainbow organisations under the guise of ‘anti-bullying’ or ‘diversity’ classes. Be aware of these organisations (InsideOUT, Rainbow Youth, Rainbow Tick, Gender Minorities, Family Planning, Mates & Dates) and the content of the courses they provide. The school should provide advance notice of any such external lessons and their content so that you are able to opt your child out if you feel the content is inappropriate. To find out what your child’s school is teaching, we recommend emailing the principal to ask for the school policy, curriculum and lesson plans. You could also request a meeting where you can ask questions to better understand exactly what your child is being taught. A discussion with your child’s individual teacher is also recommended. See our Draft Curriculum Query letter. If you discover that your child’s school has not yet implemented the new RSE guide, let them know that you have some concerns about the curriculum and would like to be involved in the required consultation process. Now is the perfect time to send them some alternative information and resources on this topic, available under ‘Information’ on this website. If your child’s school is already using the new 2020 guidelines, you have the right to withdraw your child from relationship and sexuality lessons until further notice . See our Draft Withdrawal from RSE letter We recommend, in both cases, that you explain your concerns by selecting the appropriate paragraphs from this draft letter, and include links to resources from this Resist Gender Education website. Whenever possible, replace the general statements from the draft letter with specific examples from your school’s policies, practices, or lessons. Letter of Concern Template Body Positive Policy Alternative RSE Guidelines How to get your child exempted from gender indoctrination Laura sent this request to the principal of her children’s school and received a polite and helpful response. She encourages parents to share the link and work with other concerned parents to tackle the issue.

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    Books to avoid There are many more books than these ones – we have listed only some examples that are readily available in NZ libraries. Call me Max by Kyle Lukoff (2019) A complete training in gender ideology including the notion that a mistake was made with your identity when you were born. It Feels Good to Be Yourself by Theresa Thorn (2019) A picture book that introduces the concept of gender identity to the youngest readers. My Dad Thinks I’m a Boy! By Sophie Labelle (2020) Stephie (Stephen’s) Dad has been mistaking ‘her’ for a boy since ‘she’ was born. This is billed as a “transpositive children’s book that shows children that no one else than ourselves gets to decide who we are.” Phoenix goes to School: A story to support transgender and gender diverse children (ages 3-7) by Michelle Finch and Phoenix Finch (2018) Phoenix is preparing for her first day of school. She is excited but scared of being bullied because of her gender identity and expression. Yet when she arrives at school, she finds help and support from teachers and friends, and finds she is brave enough to talk to other kids about her gender! Who are You?: The kid’s guide to gender identity by Brook Pessin-Whedbee (2017) A brightly illustrated introduction to gender for ages 3+, that teaches about gender identity and “how we express ourselves through our clothes and hobbies." The Pronoun Book: She, he, they, and me! by Cassandra Jules Corrigan. ‘Educates’ children 5 years plus on pronouns and misgendering. Talks of being assigned a sex at birth. (Electronic) Kisses for Jet: a coming-of-gender story by Joris Bas Backer (2022) Like most teenagers in the 90s, Jet is obsessed with Kurt Cobain, which helps them get through boarding at the international school their parents have sent them to. Jet begins to notice that they don’t feel like the other girls in the class and to realise that they may be more of a boy than a girl. (Graphic novel) Identity: A story of transitioning by Corey Maison (Comic book for teens.) Corey, born female, ‘transitions’ to boy with her mother’s support. Rick by Alex Gino (2020) Rick's arrived at middle school, and new doors are opening. One of them leads to the school's Rainbow Spectrum club, where kids of many genders and identities congregate, including Melissa, the girl who sits in front of Rick in class and seems to have her life together. Rick wants his own life to be that . . . understood. Even if it means breaking some old friendships and making some new ones. Author Alex Gino explores what it means to search for your own place in the world . . . and all the steps you and the people around you need to take in order to get where you need to be. Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution: The story of Trans women of colour who made LGBT+ History by Joy Ellison (Electronic) Incorrectly attributes the beginnings of gay rights to actions by transwomen at Stonewall, New York. Our 15 Favourite LGBTQ Books for Kids and Teens Worthwhile children’s books depicting a variety of family groups (including parents who are same sex, single, or grandparents) are now being superseded by books that “normalise” decidedly damaging practices such as double mastectomies.

  • Resist Gender Education | Gender Minorities Aotearoa

    Gender Minorities Aotearoa Gender Minorities Aotearoa (GMA) is a nationwide transgender organisation run by and for transgender people, which includes all the various labelled gender types, from all ages, cultures and backgrounds. It provides a great deal of information about gender identity beliefs along with a network of support including one to one peer guidance. On doing an overview of this organisation, what is astounding is the vast amount of funding it has access to. Those organisations which sponsor GMA include the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice, Wellington Airport, Wellington City Council, Wellington Community Trust, The Tindall Foundation, and The Rule Foundation. GMA is one of 12 organisations that has received an unspecified share of $200,000 of funding from the Rule Foundation. In most cases details of the donations are not available because the amounts are hard to identify in the donating organisation’s accounts, and GMA itself has been exempted by the Charities Commission from providing annual accounts. GMA is likely to be one of the rainbow groups sharing in the extra $2.5million allocated for transgender health care in the 2022 Budget. Wellington City Council’s annual reports show that GMA was given $110,000 between 2019 and 2021 and, in May 2022, was granted a further $42,000 for each of the next three years. A substantial grant appears to come from the International Trans Fund (ITF) a well- resourced international group of trans activists and donors, active since 2015.The Rainbow WellBeing Legacy Fund (RWLF), also a sponsor, currently has applications open for a grant of up to $200,000 for projects, activities and organisations that work to improve mental outcomes for the rainbow community. A hui is available to help successfully process the application. Feminist and women’s advocacy organisations have never had such generous financial support for their campaigns to benefit the various needs and welfare of biological women and girls. Gender Minorities Aotearoa’s goal is for all transgender people to be empowered by a range of choices across all aspects of their lives to enable them to participate fully in society without prejudice and barriers. Their website, which has annual reports for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, includes a comprehensive list of where and how to get support and access services such as Rainbow housing NZ and getting access to breast binders. The site lacks any information or advice about possible adverse side effects on health and risks to well-being of using breast binders, puberty blockers, and cross sex hormones. Gender Minorities Aotearoa received the 2021 Regional Community Award from Wellington City Council as a Health and WellBeing Winner.

  • Resist Gender Education | Rainbow Teaching in Schools

    Rainbow Teaching in Schools Some schools may not have teachers instructing students on relationships and sexuality at all, but may instead outsource this teaching to various Rainbow organisations or other groups under the guise of ‘anti-bullying’ or ‘diversity’ classes. Be aware of what these organisations are teaching your children: Click on the logos for more information Guide for gender-diverse students includes subterfuge This 9 page guide for Hutt Valley High School students who are gender-questioning includes advice on how to change their pronouns at school without alerting their parents (p4.) It supports mandatory use of preferred pronouns (p4) and refers students for further advice to a long list of Rainbow groups where students will receive unquestioning affirmation. (p9) Click here to view When a quarter of the class identifies as trans This testimonial is from a US school but Aotearoa is on the same trajectory. See our testimonials.

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