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  • Resist Gender Education | Navigating the Journey

    Navigating the Journey Family planning believes young people have the right to “honest, accurate, and age-appropriate information about sexuality.” Their resource, Navigating the Journey , is provided for this purpose and is used in over 30% of New Zealand schools. This programme is intended for children from year 1 to year 10 with the aim of promoting the well being of young people and to help them develop healthy, consensual, and respectful relationships. While containing many worthwhile activities, the resource is not accurate or age-appropriate when it comes to sex and gender. From Year one, children are taught that there are more sexes than male and female by incorrectly using intersex (a medical condition) as proof. (see our FAQ on intersex conditions here .) In the Year 5-6 lesson plans students are given false statistics to support the concept that sex is an internal feeling rather than a physical fact. (“It is important to be aware that at least 1 in 2,000 people are intersex” p59) Further, they are taught incorrect biology: Turn around if you think everyone who has a period identifies as a girl. (NO) (p59) Sit down if you think some boys start growing breasts during puberty. (YES) (p59) Do our body parts define who we are? (No. Some people with penises might feel more like girls and some people who identify as boys might have female body parts.) (p63) Appendix 19 has labelled drawings of reproductive parts, but no label to say they are male or female. The discussion about periods in Appendix 26 refers to people getting periods, not girls getting periods. A worksheet is available for parents and caregivers but does not include any of the above information. Students are told that their issues may be kept confidential from their parents and are encouraged to find a wide range of other support people. Among the support sources cited is Rainbow Youth who encourage children who are uncomfortable in their bodies to transition. There is much that is positive about this programme, but parents should be aware that untruths are being taught about biology, identity, and gender. Schools do not have to ask for parents’ permission for their child to be included in this program but parents do have the right to withdraw them.

  • Resist Gender Education | Sex is Real

    Sex is Real This video for teens tells the plain truth about sex and sexual orientation.

  • Resist Gender Education | For Parents

    For Parents Websites we recommend: Aotearoa Support A New Zealand support group has been set up for parents who are concerned about medical solutions to treat their gender-questioning children. It is a space where parents can safely share experiences and resources, listen and learn from each other. Bayswater Support Bayswater is a UK support group for parents that is wary of medical solutions to gender dysphoria, when exploring gender roles is part of normal child development. It has definitions, FAQs, and parenting tips, including advice for parents of autistic girls. Our Duty “Our Duty is to bring our children to adulthood healthy in body and mind.” This UK group was formed in 2018 to help parents to “know that there are other parents who feel the same as they do – that medical transition is harmful, that there really is no such thing as a transgender child.” PITT – Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans PITT is a US parents’ blog on Substack with a free subscription. Here you can read other parents’ experiences and how they navigated transgender identities with their children. Their objective is to inform the public, through their personal stories, of the devastating impact of gender ideology on their families. In Defence of Children This is an Australian organisation that advocates against social transitioning in schools and for the end of medical and surgical transition of minors. “Encouraging children to reject their own bodies is wrong, eroticising and sexualising a child’s learning environment is wrong, [and] schools should never, ever lie to parents about their children.” Gender Identity Challenge This is a Scandinavian website, translated into English, where parents and detransitioners provide evidence that transition is not overwhelmingly successful. Articles to read: Transition Alley by Andrew Anthony. The Listener May 13 2023. The use of puberty blockers is “a dispute about science, best practice and the protection of young and vulnerable people.” Anatomy of a Medical Scandal by Victoria Smith. This review of Hannah Barnes' book "Time to Think" (about the collapse of the Tavistock Clinic) asks why everyone ignored "the elephant in the room, namely that human beings cannot change sex and the most vulnerable children should not be encouraged to believe that they can". The Transgender Children's Crusade. by Kay S Hymowitz. "Gender identity, with its vision of autonomous children in touch with their innermost authentic desires, negates all we know about adolescence, just as it does early childhood… Whether they realize it or not, supporters are showing a wilful ignorance about child nature and endorsing views completely at odds with child psychology and legal and cultural traditions…" Empowering Parents - Young People and Gender Identity . This downloadable PDF provides vital, accurate, information for parents and teachers to help them understand the complex issues affecting their children. Produced by "The Countess", a voluntary, non-partisan human rights group based in Ireland. Helen Joyce complains about the gender policy at her son’s school. “ It was full of breaches of government regulations and equality law. Worst of all, it drove a coach and horses through child safeguarding. Gender Ideologues’ Alarming Campaign to Get Kids While They’re Young by Bernard Lane “Very young children at school are exposed to influences that may put them on a one-way path to lifelong medicalisation.” Trans Activism’s Dangerous Myth of Parental Rejection - Quillette This article discusses the myth of parental rejection often fed to children by trans activists and used as an excuse by schools for hiding gender non-conformity from parents. Social Transition: A Terrible Idea In this blog, the author explains why social gender transition is "a modern-day parental choice made on autopilot", and a terrible idea. Gender Ideology impacting on Parental Rights & Custody - Abigail Shrier Shrier describes how gender beliefs are being adopted by US courts and parents are paying the price. Parents Challenge State to Return Transgender Child by Daniel Khmelev This article tells the story of parents in Australia who are battling for custody of their child after a court ruled them to be “abusive” for refusing to allow their child gender reassignment treatment. When sons become daughters by Angus Fox. A seven-part series in Quilette that explores how parents react when a son announces he wants to be a girl.

  • Resist Gender Education | Voice Media

    Voice Media gender education schools Ep 4 Pendulum With Margaret Curnow from ResistGenderEducation Margaret Curnow 00:00 / 38:39

  • Resist Gender Education | Resources

    Resources We have available business cards to give to interested aquaintances and a 10 page information booklet to take to principals or boards of trustees. Any donations to cover printing and postage costs will be gratefully received into the RGE account: ASB 12-3158-0186494-00. To order our resources , please send an email to with the resource you want in the subject line. Don’t forget to give us your name and address in the message box and how many of each resource you want. 'Sex cannot change" cards . These 21x10cm cards are useful for giving to friends or parents who are unaware of the reach of gender identity ideology in schools. The cards can be handed out at the school gate, in parents’ groups, given to teachers, left in cafes, and libraries etc, or posted to your local MP. To order 50, please deposit $10 for postage into the RGE account: ASB 12-3158-0186494-00 with your name in the reference field. Then email giving your name and address. If you want to leaflet letter boxes or cars, this black & white flyer is more suitable and is now available to download and print. RGE Flyer .pdf Download PDF • 1.07MB Speak up for Women has a coloured downloadable flyer on its website .

  • Resist Gender Education | Therapists Speaking Out

    Therapists Speaking Out The Royal Australian and NZ College of Psychiatrists published Position Statement 103 in August 2021 that advises “Comprehensive assessment is crucial” for patients with gender dysphoria because it is “an emerging field of research” with a “paucity of evidence”. An open letter to Australia’s doctors Dr Dylan Wilson describes the problems with the gender affirmative pathway for children and why he will never refer a child to the paediatric gender service at his local hospital. Thoughtful Therapists Thoughtful Therapists are a group of counsellors, clinical psychologists, and psychotherapists from across the UK and Ireland who work directly with LGBT+ adults, children, parents and young people, in the field of gender and sexuality. They have come together in a bid to protect the integrity of the open-ended exploration of feelings and ideas that has always been a necessary component of ethical and effective therapy. Gender Dysphoria Alliance This group was formed in Canada in 2021 by community members who are concerned about the direction that gender medicine and activism has taken. It advocates for a more evidence-based, less ideological conversation about gender dysphoria and has detailed information on the topic. Rethink Identity Medicine Ethics ReIME is a non-profit education and research organisation dedicated to improving ethical long-term care and treatment for gender non-confirming children and youth. Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) The aim of this group is to promote safe, compassionate, ethical, and evidence-informed healthcare for children, adolescents, and young adults with gender dysphoria. Exiles in their own flesh: A psychotherapist speaks In this 2015 article, a psychotherapist explains that she is resigning from a teen health clinic because she is no longer able to explore the underlying causes of a patient’s distress and instead feels forced to “put my professional stamp of approval on a pre-fab, one-size-fits-all, narrative.”

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