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This website is for everyone, especially parents and teachers who are
concerned about the promotion of gender identity ideology in New Zealand schools.
On this site you will find information, research and resources for parents and teachers as well as links to other related websites.

Who are we?

Resist Gender Education is a diverse group of concerned citizens, educators, mothers, and grandmothers, including some who are members of the rainbow community.


We support schools providing age-appropriate, scientifically factual, and culturally relevant relationships and sexuality education (RSE).  

We are strongly opposed to schools using RSE as a cover for the indoctrination of our children with gender ideology which has nothing to do with either relationships or sexuality.  

We support the right of parents to be fully consulted about the content of RSE lessons and to remove their children from these classes if they wish. 

What do we stand for?

We believe that no child is born in the wrong body.

To fully understand gender ideology and what is at stake, we recommend "The War to Annihilate Sex" by Arty Morty, a gender critical activist and gay man. 

We advocate for the rights of children to reject gender stereotypes and be their authentic selves without discrimination, labelling, or medical intervention to ‘fix’ them. 

We are non-religious and politically non-partisan and we receive absolutely no funding from any organisation or government agency. 

We are entirely run by volunteers and rely on donations from our supporters to continue our advocacy. Thank you for whatever donation you are able to make.

Gender Identity Ideology

We do not support replacing the objective reality of biological sex with the subjective idea of ‘gender identity’ as the criteria for being a man or being a woman. ‘Gender identity’ ideology teaches children who don’t conform to masculine or feminine stereotypes that their personalities are ‘wrong’ for their sex, and their bodies are then ‘wrong’ for their gender identity.

Acceptance of a boy who likes to play with dolls as a girl is no acceptance at all.

Acceptance of a lesbian adolescent girl as a straight boy is no acceptance at all.

‘Affirmation’ of a trans identity is not kind, it affirms to a child that they are the wrong sex and encourages their belief that their body needs to be changed. Medical intervention can only ever effect cosmetic change; the child’s sex remains the same. Other children should not be coerced into expressing a belief in ‘gender identity’ through the threat that not to do so is ‘unkind’ or ‘transphobic’.

Science-based Teaching

Along with many other groups, we call for factual, science-based teaching in schools and evidence-based healthcare for children and young people suffering gender confusion. 

All children deserve to be taught scientific facts, not ideology disguised as ‘fact’. Schools should not use resources that confuse children about sex by conflating sex and gender. 

Boys and girls should be able to wear what they like and have whatever interests they choose, without adult interpretation through the lens of a non-scientific, ideological belief that human beings are born with an innate sense of being male or female, which is inevitably based on sex stereotypes.

All children have the right to privacy from the opposite sex in toilets and changing rooms and policy in schools must always put safeguarding first. 

Evidence-based Healthcare

We believe all children and young people deserve treatment based on clinical evidence, not ideology. 

We advocate for the rights of same-sex attracted young people to grow up as lesbian or gay, without a ‘diagnosis’ that they are really the opposite sex.

We promote the right of autistic children and those with mental health problems or background trauma to receive proper therapeutic care, rather than a rushed ‘diagnosis’ that they are really the opposite sex.

It is a fundamental human right that all children can go through puberty and reach adulthood with their fertility and sexual function intact.

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