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Videos and Podcasts

Sex education gets extreme

This 25 minute Family First video analyses the MOE relationships and sexuality education guidelines, and takes a close look at Family Planning’s “Navigating the Journey” programme that is used in many NZ schools.

UK MP speaks against teaching gender theory in schools

In a short speech in the House of Commons in May 2022, Conservative MP Miriam Cates explains why “It’s not open-minded or compassionate to tell a child that their teenage problems can be solved overnight by rejection of their own body and denial of their biological sex.”

The Trans Train and Transgender Regret Documentaries - Bayswater Support

Investigative journalists in Sweden have now produced three reports looking at the treatment given to those who seek gender transition, and who later regret their decision. All three parts are in Swedish with English subtitles.

Mission: Investigate: Trans Children

In this 2021 Swedish documentary with English subtitles the investigative journalist finds “case after case of irreversible treatment of young people gone wrong”, including a 15 year old who has constant pain from severely reduced bone density after being on puberty blockers for four years. “Those with the ultimate responsibility blame each other.”

Trans Kids: It’s Time to Talk

In this acclaimed Channel 4 (UK) documentary, Stella O'Malley describes the reality of the trans craze that is afflicting a generation of teens who are simply uncomfortable in their bodies.

Dysphoric: A Four-part Documentary Series - Bayswater Support

This four-part documentary looks at the effect of gender identity ideology on women and girls. It includes interview with illustrative highlights from worldwide media coverage. What is particularly interesting, and discussed virtually nowhere else, is the rise of trans-identification in developing countries.

Controversy brewing over transgender children’s access to puberty blockers

A 2021 NZ documentary from TV3.

Gender: A Wider Lens Podcast – Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayed

O’Malley and Ayed are two practising therapists who explore the concept of gender in a series of episodes with clinicians, academics, transgender people, parents and detransitioners.

CBBC accused of one-sided coverage on trans issues

Stella O’Malley being interviewed on UK TV about the purpose of ‘Genspect’.

Calmversations on Apple Podcasts - with Benjamin A. Boyce

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