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Unteach the Overreach

Schools are overstepping their bounds and teaching a contested and minority belief as if it is fact. Gender identity ideology confuses and undermines children by encouraging body dissociation and reinforcing sexist stereotypes. On September 14, parents will send a message to principals and school authorities, asking them to respect parental rights in the care of their children, and to base sex education on scientific facts.

Here is a template letter explaining the absence to send to your school principal and Board of Trustees.

Before the day

Gather together a group of like-minded parents and arrange to help each other with child minding on September 14, for those who can’t take a full day off work.

Plan some activities your group can do together (see suggestions below) and also plan for a wet day.

What to do on the day

The purpose of the day is to have fun together and take the opportunity to “unteach” the false ideas your children have heard, whether in formal lessons or from playground misinformation. Refer to the RGE lesson plans for some ideas about suitable activities for children at each curriculum level.

Other ideas for learning activities are contained in this RGE substack. Don't miss the Zoom meeting that night!

Zoom meeting at 7.30pm

Organise a group of parents to meet either at a local hall or in someone’s home to join the Resist Gender Education Unteach the Overreach Zoom Meeting.

There will be a short presentation that outlines the gender ideology beliefs that are being taught in New Zealand schools, followed by a Q & A session.

Places are limited, so please register by emailing with your name and town or city suburb and whether you want to be linked up with some other parents in your area.

Please register by midday Wednesday 13 September.

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