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Gender in Education

Safe Schools Alliance UK

Although this website refers to the legalities and education guidelines in the UK, it also contains helpful advice on how to talk to schools that is applicable to Aotearoa.

I’m Local

This is a NZ site with a downloadable “Queer & Trans 101” comic that shows how gender ideology is presented and taught to children.

Gender Curriculum Rejected, Support For Opt-In Sex Ed – Poll - Family First NZ

A NZ Poll regarding views on the recently updated “Relationships & Sexuality Education Guide”. {Link to our critique of the RSE Guide.}

Transgender school policies are a safeguarding nightmare | The Spectator Australia

“Many parents will be shocked to learn that schools around Australia already have policies that allow male students to use the toilets, change rooms, and even overnight accommodation meant for girls.”

Kiwi teen hits out in video over school’s transgender toilet policy - NZ Herald

A New Zealand article about a female student who is uncomfortable with a transgirl (male) using the female toilets at her all-girls school.

How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids by Abigail Shrier

Leaked Documents and Audio from the California Teachers Association Conference Reveal Efforts to Subvert Parents on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.

Are children being bullied into being trans? by Keith Jordan

“…children are being encouraged to embrace a transgender identity by other pupils, with the connivance of teachers and often, deliberately, without the knowledge of their parents.”

Is Transgenderism a Cult Targeting Children? by Charlie Jacobs

Jacobs describes how her daughter was introduced to gender identity ideology in school. (to be continued)

How schools are captured by ideological institutions | The Spectator

The UK Secretary of State for Education has been compelled to tell schools to “stop promoting contested theory as fact.”

UK MP Warns Schools Against Inviting LGBT Charities into Schools to Teach Ideology

MP Miriam Cates criticises Stonewall and Mermaids for teaching “dangerous and extreme ideologies” to school children.

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