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Laura Lopez raises questions on some issues she thinks NZ schools should be considering in her article 'Preventing foreseeable harm: The UK Attorney General lays out a safer pathway for New Zealand schools to follow'

How to make a trans kid - read about it here

The small study that lauched a big experiment in gender change.

Read more about it in ' Going Dutch' by Bernard Lane here.

NHS England Ends the "Gender-Affirmative Care Model" for Youth

From the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine Newsletter received 25 October 2022.

The NHS has ended “gender-affirming care” in England for minors, according to the newly-released draft guidance. Psychotherapy will be the first and - usually - only line of treatment. Puberty blockers will be confined to research settings, and social transition will be discouraged for most.

The NHS has not made an explicit statement about cross-sex hormones, but signaled that they too will likely only be available in research settings. The guidelines do not mention surgery, as surgery has never been a covered benefit under England’s NHS for minors.

SEGM’s analysis is at the link below:

Resist Gender Education supports the right of schools to teach according to their special character and we certainly support them in choosing not to teach belief systems as though they are fact.

Read our statement here

About a girl - by Joanne Horniman. Allen & Unwin (May 1, 2011). A lovely book set in Australia about two girls falling in love. Recommended for those 14 and over.

Gender Wars and Sexuality Education in 2021: History and Politics by Sue Middleton published in the New Zealand Journal of educational Studie.

The Ministry requires schools to engage in ‘consultation with communities’ on their approach to the ‘sexuality and relationships’ curriculum. Schools have to decide whether to teach, what to teach, when to teach, how to (and how not to teach) sexuality and relationships. Understanding the historical, intellectual, professional and political battles in the ‘gender wars’ should help in these deliberations

Questioning the Gender Bender Agenda by Sue Middleton published in Ipu; Kereru; a blog of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education

What Schools are teaching our kids about Gender by laura Lopez. It's not about acceptance, it's about compliance

Explosion of transgenderism into a social movement - Observations of a Clinical Psychologist by Ellen Kaschak

“Transgenderism has become a social movement and no longer only a personal preference or psychological issue… It is destined to affect you personally if it has not already.”

No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’ – by W Malone, C Wright & J Robertson

This article looks at the normal distribution curve of ‘maleness’ and ‘femaleness’ and concludes that “…telling a child that he or she was born in the wrong body pathologizes ‘gender non-conforming’ behavior and makes gender dysphoria less likely to resolve.”

Gender Clinic News by Bernard Lane

Lane is an Australian journalist, covering the international debate about gender clinics. He says the issues are “fundamental to a healthy society, yet most mainstream media has missed the story or worse, engaged in uncritical promotion of medicalised gender change.”

Irreversible Damage: The transgender craze seducing our daughters by Abigail Shrier

Until very recently, gender dysphoria affected only a very small number of people and mainly boys. But suddenly, whole friendship groups of teenage girls are ‘coming out’ as transgender. Shrier, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, has dug deep into the trans epidemic, talking to the girls, their agonized parents, counsellors and doctors, as well as to “detransitioners”— young women who bitterly regret what they have done to themselves. She offers urgently needed advice about how parents can protect their daughters. Abigail Shier also has a Substack: The Truth Fairy

and has written:

Should public schools be allowed to deceive parents?

Top trans doctors blow the whistle on sloppy care

How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids

Gender Ideology impacting on Parental Rights & Custody

Trans: When Ideology Meets reality by Helen Joyce

This is a painstakingly researched book about trans activism and every issue related to it.

Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism by Kathleen Stock

This book thoroughly critiques the theory of gender identity and explains the significance and impact of biological sex, especially on women.

Trans: Exploring Gender Identity and Gender Dysphoria by Dr Az Hakeem

Hakeem is a clinical psychologist who has assembled contributions from experts to provide a guide to the psychology and everyday reality of gender dysphoria and being trans.

Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body by Heather Brunskell-Evans & Michele Moore

This book is a collection of essays that argue that it is politics, not science, which accounts for the exponential rise in the number of children diagnosed as transgender by gender identity clinics.

Inventing Transgender Children and Young People by Heather Brunskell-Evans & Michele Moore

The essays in this volume are written by clinicians, psychologists, sociologists, educators, parents and detransitioners. Contributors demonstrate how transgender children and young people are invented in different medical, social and political contexts.

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